I’m as pro-conservation as anyone, in fact I have (genuinely) lain awake at night worrying about bees, given how their decline threatens human survival. I fret about shrinking icecaps, rising sea levels, invasive species and any number of burning issues which are bringing rampant human want. But when I hear how water is a ‘precious resource’ I think, why, exactly, in Ireland of all places, right now? Don’t get me wrong, it has the potential to be a money-spinner for the people of these islands down the road, especially if pipelines are used to supply the parching mediterranean regions, but for now that’s literally a pipe-dream. In the meantime our problem is too much water, at least in particular places at inconvenient times (see FLOODING!) Harnessing this blessing, and the rest of the world knows it’s a blessing, in an efficient manner, now, THAT’S the issue, and what’s that got to do with you, me, or anyone of our neighbours supposedly leaving taps running, just for the hell of it? (By the way, when did YOU last leave a tap running wantonly- EXACTLY!) You, Kenny, Burton, Varadkar etc. want water conserved? Fix The Fucking Infrastructure, NOW! And use whatever tidy sum has been put by for (oh, I can’t think of anything useless and exorbitantly priced, wait- WATER METERS!) to do it. Don’t come to us, the people you’ve already repeatedly screwed, looking for yet another king’s ransom to be divvied up with your princely friends, that’s a well that IS dry!